Preveza is connected to Athens through regular flights from and to Aktio airport where in addition to scheduled flights there are charter flights during high season.

Bus service to Athens, Thessaloniki, towns in the Preveza district, cities in Epirus, Thessalia and Patra runs often.

The seaside national highway of Preveza – Igoumenitsa connects the two cities and via Igoumenitsa, Preveza is connected to Italy and therefore with the rest of Europe.

Connection to Ioannina is by the national highway of Preveza – Ioannina.


Distance from Preveza:
Athens: 370km Driving time: 4hrs & 30min
Thessaloniki: 346km Driving time: 3hrs & 40min
Ioannina: 100km Driving time: 1hr & 15min
Aktio Airport: 10km Driving time: 10min
Lefkas: 24km Driving time: 25min
Parga: 62km Driving time: 45min
Igoumenitsa: 86km Driving time: 1hr & 10min

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